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Its compatibility with water and crossed linked gel consistency ensures fast sinking in sludgy bore holes Better water resistance and retention of gel consistency for all longer period of time under arduous conditions of wet mining and hydro-static pressures High degree of safety against mechanical impact,friction and heat fire usually encountered in open pit mining

Rajcol is a large diameter explosive and is used in open pit mining,constructions sites and for quarrying of all type of rock formations.For initiation,it has to be primed with equal diameter of cap sensitive booster such as Rajblast(S) or Rajolite booster.

  • Classification : Class II explosives
  • Velocity : 3400 m/sec to 4000 m/sec
  • Density : 1.10 to 1.15 gm/cc
  • Sensitivity : Sensitive to booster such as
    (Rajblast Super or Rajolite)
  • Water Resistent : Excellent
Cartridge Diameter Cartridge Weight No. of Cartridges/Case
83 mm 2.78 Kg. 9
125 mm 6.25 Kg. 4
200 mm 12.50 Kg. 2

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