Packaged Explosives

Excellent water resistance characteristics ensure retention of gel consistency for a longer period of time under arduous conditions of wet mining and hydrostatic pressure.

A high degree of safety against mechanical impact,friction,heat and fire usually encountered in open pit and metalliferous mining

Rajdyne is a small diameter explosive and has wide range of applications in underground metal mining ,civil construction sites ,tunneling, well sinking,secondary blasting , opencast operations and for general purpose blasting.It can be initiate by a ditonator or detonating cord and also used as a primary charge to reliably initiate non-cap sensitive explosives. It can also be initiated by either No.6 or No.8 streght caps.

  • Classification : Class II explosives
  • Velocity : 3400 m/sec to 3600 m/sec
  • Density : 1.10 to 1.15 gm/cc
  • Sensitivity : Sensitive to booster such as
    (Rajblast Super or Rajolite)
  • Water Resistent : Excellent
Cartridge Diameter Cartridge Weight No. of Cartridges/Case
83 mm 2.78 Kg. 9
125 mm 6.25 Kg. 4
200 mm 12.50 Kg. 2

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